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Spring Those Marketing Ideas Out of a Black Hole

The wildflowers have begun to bloom here in Texas and the hummingbirds should be arriving very shortly. The tell-tale signs of the new season have arrived which means the time for spring cleaning has arrived. Along with your usual around the house efforts, make a commitment to do this one spring cleaning business task to help your marketing efforts.

If you’ve emailed yourself or a staffer an interesting marketing idea “for the file” but the file is really a black hole of other ideas you liked but never get past the “for the file” stage, take some time now to go through those you can still find and either keep or delete. For those you decide to keep, but now is still not the best time to implement, go ahead and organize them so they’re easy to access and commit to making some time to review your marketing ideas in the very near future.

If you’re not already on Pinterest, it’s an easy and free way to keep track of those marketing ideas you find online. Set up a “marketing ideas board” and pin those ideas there. Pinterest allows you to have secret boards, so if you’d rather not share your gathered intel with the world, make your board secret when you set it up. If you already have a Pinterest account for your business, using a secret board is great for internal company strategies like marketing. Setting up a Pinterest account is as easy as Facebook or Twitter. To start now, just go to pinterest.com.

Another free and easy to set-up online organizational tool is Trello. Unlike Pinterest, Trello is not really geared for public consumption but, rather, personal and team projects. Like Pinterest, organizing is done via topic “boards.” Each board contains “lists” for specific ideas, concepts, and tasks. Within each list you put “cards” with information from comments to attachments. Also like Pinterest, Trello is easy to set up particularly if you already have a Google account – just a few clicks and you’re rolling. And, once you set up your account, you’ll see a “Welcome Board” that shows you how it all works. To start now, just go to trello.com.

Not many spring cleaning tasks allow you to sit in the comfort of a chair and still actually accomplish something for your business, so no excuses for not getting this spring cleaning done!


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